Mike Manos was scared by a data center engineer when he was small.

That’s the only way I can classify another “evil data center engineer” manifesto and here.

The premise of this one, as well as the previous push for container data centers (I thought containers were going to be the solution to everything, Mike?), is that data center engineers have an incentive to build one off facilities full of Rube Goldberg complexity that no one but them can understand (the black box) in order to hide that they’re soaking the customer for more money. This is like going to a garage and having a mechanic do a bunch of work on your car and just saying “trust me”.

I’m sure there are some firms out there operating this way, but this theory has a couple of problems. Trading short term monetary gains for making the customer unhappy with you or damaging the customer economically is foolish. The first is going to result in no more work and a hit to your reputation, the second at the very results in a customer that can’t afford to give you any more work.

The next point is, what good does it do to create a system that only you can figure out or maintain if it turns into a nightmare to take care of yourself? Once again, angry customer, economic damage all around. This is exactly incentive NOT to do these things if you care about the survival of your business past tomorrow.

This “open source data center” idea is really no more than a decent data center engineer would be doing in the first place. Build the most efficient and cost effective facility with any and all available technologies to meet 100% of the customer’s needs. Anything else damages you as much as it does the customer. This is just simple economics 101.

Do these things and you won’t become part of the “black box conspiracy”.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site today for data center engineering sans black boxes.


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