Wednesday data center tidbits.

First up this morning is the story about reprioritizing IT infrastructure investments. The characterization of cloud computing as a “shiny new object” to be avoided is ridiculous. Cloud computing is like any other tool, use it where it benefits the business, don’t use it where it doesn’t. Denigrating it as a toy and resisting innovation just for the sake of being contrary is a mistake.

Also from the same story is the goal getting virtual server ratios over 25:1. Trying to get extreme virtual to physical ratio is an exercise in high support, engineering cost, and aggravation. Much better to go cloud computing and let the cloud provider figure out how to balance the loads.

Bozo idea of the day: Microsoft’s proposal of an Internet tax to pay for inspecting and cleaning up virus infected computers. Sure, tax us all for the consequences of Microsoft’s bugfest of software. It’s a great idea, get the government to force us all to pay the richest software company in the world to fix their own garbage.

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