Tuesday data center tidbits.

First up today is the story about the aftermath of the theft of 57 hard drives belonging to BlueCross from an unsecured closet in a training center in a shopping mall. It’s funny that companies will make a big case over cloud computing security and then leave unsecured physical storage devices laying around with critical data on them. I’ll guarantee that nobody strolls out of my data center with someone elses hard drives.

Topeka, KS provides us with a whole new way to jump the shark, kissing up to Google by renaming the city Google, KS for a month for a shot at Google’s high speed broadband experiment. I was going to say at least they still have their dignity but I think they pretty much shot that out of the saddle.

No shark jumping here, email or call me for green data center and cloud computing services, without the theatrics.


swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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