Putting cloud computing to use: the virtual cloud network and virtual data center.

This post is the next in my series about how to put cloud computing to good use. It’s no good unless you can apply it!

Much has been made recently about cloud computing being insecure, mostly due to cloud tenants (or prospective cloud tenants) not having the same control of their portion of the cloud network as they would having physical servers and network gear sitting in their own equipment. I’m going to use our own cloud computing system here as an example.

Converting the bridged network commonly found in cloud computing to Open vSwitch virtual switches now gives a much more secure network and even allows provisioning of private cloud switches for each cloud customer, permitting the customer to control their switches exactly as they would a hardware network switch in a traditional data center environment.

Couple the Open vSwitch with the Vyatta virtual router and firewall (SwiftWater Telecom is now offering the virtual router and firewall preloaded!) and now you have a complete stand alone network with routing, firewall, and security policies all under the control of the cloud tenant. Throw in the ability to VPN to the virtual router and you now can now use your virtual cloud private network and cloud powered virtual servers as an extension of any private data center or business network.

Now the virtual cloud powered data center becomes a reality. Servers (cloud powered virtual servers), network switches (virtual switches), and one or more routers (virtual router and firewall) gives you a configuration that is exactly like co-located servers, switches, and routers parked in yesterday’s data center (without the maintenance overhead and the carbon footprint) and just as safe and secure.

Couple this with the benefits of cloud computing (lower cost, fast provisioning, no capital expense) and it no longer makes much sense to buy physical servers or networking equipment to co-locate except in very high load or specialized situations.

SwiftWater Telecom provides easy order templates for:

virtual workstation/virtual desktop
web, email, and DNS server
business file server
virtual router

WordPress blog server (coming soon!)
traffic load balancer (coming soon!)

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site to configure your own virtual cloud private network or virtual data center today!


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