Monday data center tidbits.

First up today is reading about virtual servers and virtual switches and the claim of each virtual server having it’s own virtual switch. I can’t imagine any virtualization platform requiring a virtual switch for every virtual server (the excellent Xen Cloud Platform that we use uses one virtual switch for every physical interface on the host server). This is either the result of horribly bad cloud engineering or a claim that just plain isn’t correct.

Next up is an article promoting cookie cutter data centers. It’s entirely true that you can get silly pouring tons of money into microscopic gains in efficiency, but if you’re just going to abdicate control for a “common design”, you might as well just give it all up to Google or Amazon. Yes, there’s a risk of being different just for the sake of being different, not better. There’s more risk to not being different at all.

The reality is, you don’t have to get crazy pouring tons of money into a data center to get great efficiency (I’m sitting in one of our micro data centers right now with a PUE of 1.22 🙂 ). The trick is knowing when to stop.

Email or call me for green data center engineering that doesn’t go overboard on your wallet.


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