Saturday data center tidbits.

Up today is a piece about lamenting the state of Ethernet. There’s no argument that massive data center loads like Facebook’s need all the network capacity that can be thrown at them and 10GB Ethernet is almost certainly not enough. What struck me was the part about the college network’s wiring closets running at 98 deg F and the claim that there was nothing wrong with the HVAC, the switches were just using too much power. Number one, this is just insanely bad network design. Number two, how do you design for what you wished the equipment would draw and then blame the equipment when reality strikes? They say they can’t approve purchases for needed networking equipment when the wiring closets are running at 98 deg F. This is the biggest case of bass-ackwards engineering I’ve ever seen.

Email or call me today for data center and network engineering that isn’t in denial.


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