Data center questions and answers.

In this post, I’m going to answer a few of the various questions I’ve seen show up on the blog in the last week.

Q. Is a data center required to have an EPO (emergency power off) button?

A. No. The EPO button is part of the National Electrical Code, Article 645, covering “information technology equipment” (ITE) rooms. ITE rooms are defined by 645 have a very specific set of characteristics and computer rooms or data center space are not required to be constructed as ITE rooms.

Basically, 645 trades out laxer rules in some areas for stricter rules in others. In exchange for such things as not requiring plenum rated cable under raised floors, the ITE room gets saddled with the EPO button. It’s a bad trade off, the first time someone leans on or maliciously slaps the EPO on the way through the door and shuts the entire data center down. Do yourself a favor, run the cables overhead, dispense with the raised floor, and kick the EPO to the curb.

Email me to find out how green DC data center power can also keep everyone safe without the need for an EPO!

Q. Are batteries a hazard in the data center?

A. Flooded cell batteries should never be in the same space as the data center IT equipment, due to the potential of acid spill and explosive hydrogen gas generation. “Sealed” types such as AGM and VRLA are fine for close proximity to IT equipment as long as their terminals are protected from shorts. Also note that AGM types are extra safe, since they have no free liquid electrolyte in them, they won’t leak acid even if you physically crack the case.

Call or email me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for green data center and cloud computing services minus the hype.


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