Monday data center tidbits.

First up today is the story about cloud provider data center revenues. Rackspace is 100% correct to measure this as revenue per server. In terms of the business bottom line, resource revenue vs resource cost is the meaningful number. ARPU is useful in telling you if you’re not diversified enough on your customer base (too high a revenue number from too small a customer base) or for comparing the cost of acquiring a customer to the revenue from that customer but it doesn’t you the actual economics of running the service.

Second is the story about recycling former data center dedicated servers into a cloud computing system. As long as the hardware is adequate to serve the purpose, this is a great idea. Reliability is always a concern, but a well maintained server with a reasonable amount of runtime that isn’t totally ancient is going to be much more reliable than a brand new server (most hardware failures occur soon after a server is put into service).

Last up is the story that the Google hack has been tied to China but not conclusively. I’ll just note here that 90% of the brute force SSH attacks I see on my servers here are Chinese IP addresses, with most of the rest being South Korea.

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