Cloud computing, powering the total business server.

We’re pleased to announce that using cloud computing has just gotten easier with our Cloud Powered Total Business Server. This new product combines a total web presence package (web, email, dns) with a Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible file server and automatic backups for the fastest and easiest drop in business package ever, all running on our powerful and reliable cloud computing service!

Choose the basic management option for “control it yourself” flexibility or choose the full management option to get administration, maintenance, and email, chat, and phone end user support. It’s like getting your own personal IT department!

Never buy another server for your business again!

The SwiftWater Telecom Cloud Powered Total Business Server

The base server:

One cloud powered virtual server featuring 1 vCPU, 1GB memory, 20GB of disk storage space, 1Mbps bandwidth, CentOS 5.4 enterprise Linux, Webmin control panel.

One powerful web server featuring Apache, MySQL, and PHP5/Perl (LAMP)

One powerful file server featuring secure WebDAV that can be used easily with any Windows, Linux, or Mac workstations and is automatically and securely backed up.

One DNS server with our main DNS servers as backup.

One email server featuring Postfix, antivirus, antispam and web mail.

Get this package with basic management (restore from backup, restart, crash recovery) for $50 per month!

Get this package will full management (system administration, software and OS upgrading, email, online, and phone end user support) for $200 per month!

Email or call me for more information or visit the SwiftWater Telecom Web site today to order!


swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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