Wednesday data center tidbits.

Best idea of the week, Twitter uses Bit Torrent to reduce data center loads by pushing file updates to servers more efficiently. This is a fantastic idea, even out the loads involved with file updates without creating “bubbles”. I can see this working really well in a cloud computing environment.

Next up is the piece about MuleSoft providing Apache Tomcat Java web app servers on cloud computing services. You take a garden variety virtual server on a cloud computing service, load a garden variety open source package on it, and this is news? Oh, by the way, you can load Tomcat on one of our cloud powered Linux virtual servers in a couple of minutes and for far less than $.35 an hour.

If you’re looking for real value and reliable cloud computing services, call or email me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom website!


swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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