Putting cloud computing to good use: The business virtual file server.

This is the next post in my series on good ways to apply cloud computing services to best advantage. Cloud computing is great technology but most people don’t have any idea how to actually apply it!

For many small to medium sized businesses (and even some large ones), the idea of a data center is a consumer grade computer from Wal-Mart in a closet with a window air conditioner, possibly regularly backed up, possibly not, and duplicated over any number of branch office closets. This creates a system that’s an expensive, unreliable nightmare to maintain and upgrade (if it gets upgraded at all). Combine this with little to no power protection (and the cost of high electricity consumption for the server and the less than efficient air conditioning) and it’s like the business is towing an anchor behind it.

Cue the cloud computing powered virtual file server to the rescue! A preconfigured virtual file server, such as the SwiftWater Telecom VCFS, allows a business to set up new, add, or expand file servers fast and easy with ZERO capital investment and ZERO support cost, just a consistent and easy to budget monthly cost. Using secure WebDAV or VPN, the Virtual Cloud File Server is super easy to any Windows, Linux, or Mac computers, much more flexible than the nightmare in the closet.

Find you’re running low on space on your VCFS? It’s the work of just minutes to add storage capacity. Worried about backups? All of our cloud based virtual systems are automatically backed up. Worried about reliability? Our cloud computing systems run on data center grade hardware in secure data center grade facilities. Need to support multiple offices and mobile users? The VCFS is accessible from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

It’s time for those overworked, undermaintained, and energy hogging servers to come out of closets everywhere and hit the road. Your business will thank you for it.

Looking for cloud computing services such as virtual servers, workstations/desktops, or virtual file servers? Call or email me or visit our web site today!

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