Upgrading Xen Cloud Platform, bugs and fixes.

This is a summary of the bugs we ran into upgrading Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) from 0.1.0 to 0.1.1 and the fixes for them.

In virgin XCP 0.1.1 (right from the install iso), a working CentOS/RHEL 5.4 VM cannot be created, despite there being a template for it. The VM can be created without error but attempting to start it results in a “no output from bootloader” message”

The cause of this is a missing file in the 0.1.1 distribution. Download this file:


Once downloaded, copy it to the /opt/xensource/packages/files/guest-installer directory on your XCP 0.1.1 host, reboot the host, and you’re off and running.

This also fixes another bug. 0.1.0 was perfectly happy to create a working 5.4 VM without the el5.4….cpio files missing from 0.1.1 using the 5.3 install template. The bug was that you could not import a 5.4 VM created in and exported from 0.1.0 into 0.1.1 without the missing el5.4…cpio file.


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