Cloud computing made ridiculous.

Tonight I was reading about cloud computing motivating green data center behavior. Cloud computing is many things but there’s a bunch of things here that it isn’t.

The first is the idea that the purpose of cloud computing is to make web application development so simple “any bum can do it”. Certain types of cloud deployments can make web development substantially easier and faster, but no cloud is going to be a substitute for having to learn how to do some sort of programming. I guess the complaint that it still requires “too much expertise” is raised by people who want results without putting ANY effort at all into. These people are certainly going to be disappointed.

So, how does the cloud make web development and deployment easier and faster? It does that by providing the infrastructure faster and cheaper (IaaS), and potentially a more user friendly system (PaaS). Now you don’t have to buy, configure, support, and connect a physical server to develop on any more, just hop on the cloud with a virtual server and you’re off and running.

The idea that “highly paid web experts” are the only ones using the cloud is ridiculous. As for “highly paid providers”, it’s certainly FAR less expensive than rolling your own and anyone who thinks it’s too expensive is free to set up their own cloud and compete (whoops, I forgot, these are the same people complaining about web app development being too complicated) and PaaS completely removes the need for “highly paid system admins”.

It may very well take a little effort to cost compare between dedicated servers and PaaS or SaaS, but it’s certainly simple to compare on IaaS. On the SwiftWater Telecom cloud, you get a full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) virtual server, indistinguishable from a dedicated server running the same standard web hosting package. Compare our cloud powered virtual server directly to any dedicated or co-located server and you’ll see the bottom line benefit immediately. Does this mean that all workloads are good candidates for cloud based virtual servers? No, but many of them are and the benefit is undeniable.

Separating cloud computing from the ridiculous, one myth at a time.

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