Thursday data center tidbits.

I was just reading about people leaving USB memory sticks in their pockets at the dry cleaners and the potential consequences It got me to thinking about using my own USB sticks in the data center. Server configuration files, bootable systems, they would be a treasure trove for anyone with malicious designs on my facility. Do you know where your USB sticks are?

80% of US government agencies missed a deadline to start implenting DNSSEC protection on their DNS servers, including Homeland Security of all people. Given the huge amounts of cyber attacks taking place, a large percentage of which are targeted at government services, this pretty well qualifies as pathetic and earns the US government the award for data center bozos of the week.

Last of all is the “new data center rack” from IKEA. Unfortunately, if you do use one of these, any servers you put in it will automatically have their languages locked to Swedish.


swiftwater telecom logo


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