Wednesday data center tidbits.

First on the list is the story of Network Solutions having hundreds of shared web hosting sites hacked and defaced. It amazes me that people are agonizing over the security of data center virtual cloud computing but nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with an (antiquated) system where one poorly written customer web site can lead to hundreds of breaches.

Best outage response goes to Twitter for their Whale Watcher script. In automatic response to Fail Whales, this script automatically reviews the last 100,000 lines of server logs. Do you mount that kind of response to your server errors?

Buggiest software award goes to Microsoft for the ongoing Internet Explorer “Google attack” follies. 3 different versions of IE, multiple recommended workarounds and they’re STILL hacking in to it. Remember, your data center security isn’t just your servers, getting a trusted workstation hacked is even worse. Anyone running IE on any data center machine is taking a BAD bet.

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