Saturday data center tidbits.

First up is reading about the performance issues with Amazon’s EC2 data center cloud system. You can argue back and forth about over capacity or not but 1000ms latency is a serious problem. If you’re running interactive services, such as virtual workstations, the cloud is all about the customer experience and that experience should be an all hands on deck alarm.

Next up is reading about the recent attacks on Google pointing to problems with the idea of cloud computing. I don’t understand why people can’t see why bad system administration practices or risky user behaviors (malware, phishing) on cloud based virtuals aren’t the real problem, just exactly like they are on dedicated servers. I have yet to see ANY “cloud computing security problem” that wouldn’t have happened EXACTLY the same way on dedicated servers. Neither cloud computing nor traditional dedicated servers are a panacea for bozo system administration or inviting the attacker in.


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