Wednesday data center tidbits.

First up this morning is the story about Bell Labs and Green Touch committing to reduce the power consumption of data networks by 1000x. I’m not sure that kind of a gain is achievable but I’m fairly certain this is low on the bang for the buck scale.

Second up is the revelation that Google is seriously considering walking away from China over rampant cyber attacks on its data centers. This surprises me not in the least. 99% of the attacks on my servers here are from China, with the remaining amount from Korea and Eastern Europe.

Finally we have an article on preventing cascading failures in the data center. Balancing power loads is absolutely critical to data center reliability, especially when 3 phase AC power is involved. Imbalance on 3 phase can cause some severe power quality issues. After having multiple breaker trips at one of our locations (no downtime thanks to an excellent DC power plant in the data center!), the landlord discovered that 95% of the load was being carried by only 1 phase of the 3 phase feed on that breaker.


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