Tuesday data center tidbits.

First up today is reading about WAN optimizing as an on demand service for data center virtual cloud tenants. I’m not sure how this could really apply to a cloud. Certainly not a public cloud, since all the cloud tenants are effectively sharing a massive LAN (albeit likely VPNd). I guess you could refer to the uplinks from a private cloud as WAN, I’m still not sure how or why you’d apply this. As much as the cloud resembles just a large bunch of physical computers, not everything translates across.

Next up is reading about 5 barriers to total virtualization. The question is asked, what kind of mission critical apps can “safely” be virtualized? The short answer is, any of them! Unless you have something the requires draconian security protocols (such as being able to lay your hand on the exact physical disk that holds the data) or is such a server hog that it won’t fit within the capacity of a virtual machine, it should be fair game!

Finally, there’s the piece about states giving away the tax revenue to attract massive data center projects. Aside from a temporary bump in construction jobs, where’s the benefit? Not from employment (Microsoft runs 700K sq ft with only 45 people), not from taxes (already gave those away). In the meantime, they ignore smaller locally based business that might actually do the community some good, in the name of chasing the big name publicity op.


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