How to put the virtual data center cloud to good use.

This is the first in series of posts I’ll be doing on using the data center cloud, using our own cloud service as an example. Not everything in the server world lends itself to effective use of the cloud, I’ll be giving some tips here for things that do.

Today’s project is a high reliability web site.

1. For this project, take 4 cloud powered virtual servers, 2 in our #1 data center, and 2 in our #2 data center.

2. Specify separate cloud hosts (both virtuals in the same data center are never on the same physical host).

3. Configure 1 virtual as the primary DNS server for the domain name and the other 3 as slaves.

4. Set the DNS for the web site address to round robin (all 4 virtual IP addresses respond in order to the www. hostname of the web site).

5. Configure the pre-installed Apache web server on each virtual and upload your site.

Congratulations, you’re now running a high reliability web site starting at just $40 per month! Our resilient cloud design means that normally the most at risk would only be 1 virtual, leaving 3 running for only the brief amount of time the cloud requires to restarted the failed one on a different host. A absolute worst case “smoking hole” disaster would still have the web site humming happily along from the other data center with 2 virtuals. Need more capacity? Expand each virtual or add more virtuals to the configuration fast and easy!

Stop buying expensive physical servers and expensive co-location to insure that your critical web site services stay running, leverage the power of SwiftWater Telecom’s Resilient Cloud Service!


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