Wednesday data center tidbits.

I was just reading about the revision of the state of Texas data center contract with IBM. What struck me about this was the statement that state departments had complained about IBMs performance 800 times in only 2 years. This wasn’t just an isolated, this was about as far wrong as something could go. Yikes!

Next up is the story about making hypervisors trustworthy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any piece of writing so totally fact free. A quick check of the product shows that it’s a configuration management tool, not a fix for hypervisors full of bandaids and security problems as the orginal article states. To borrow from South Park, I call shenanigans!

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


2 responses to “Wednesday data center tidbits.

  1. Vern,

    Could you provide your thoughts on the acceptablity of wireless devices in the data center. specifically, wireless power monitoring devices that communicate with data accumulators housed within the DC. My experience in the past was that security concerns basically would disqualify these types of devices.

    your thoughts would be appreciated.

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