The Christmas data center list for Santa.

I’ve been extra good this year, so I thought I’d share my data center Christmas list to Santa (we installed a chimney just for him). I know Santa isn’t the most savvy tech guy, so I attached full specs for everything on the list.

1 new server, multiple AMD Opteron 6 core CPUs, tons of RAM, huge RAID storage array. Heck, I’d really like a whole rack of them (do I go on the naughty list if Santa gets a hernia moosing this down the chimney?).

A full 100GBs Ethernet network. Well, those fancy servers aren’t just going to throw paper airplanes at each other!

A new building would make a top of the line present. See, there’s this great empty place across the street that would be perfect for a 100K sq ft ultra green data center (ok, maybe I havn’t been THAT good).

I’d like a new Tux the Linux Penguin beanie to replace the one that mysteriously walked away from my desk this past year.

I’d like a whole bunch more customers like the ones we acquired over the last few months. Friendly, easy to deal with, and appreciative for what we do for them, they’re a pleasure to work for (and if it’s a pleasure, it’s not really work 🙂 ).

Finally, just to show I’m not selfish about asking for things for only me, I’d like to add on a wish for the former landlord who gave us so much heartburn this year. Santa, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you gift wrap him a transmission failure in the middle of Harlem at 2am? Please and thank you!

Or did that just land me on the naughty list?

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


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