Monday data center tidbits.

Today we have the story about the data center powered “entirely” by wind. Of course, it’s nice to see someone using a wind turbine directly, but the story also notes that they have utility backup for when there isn’t enough wind. Isn’t the point of entirely is that it’s 100%? It’s nice that one wind turbine can supply the (small) data center, but what percentage of the time is it producing and what percentage are they running from utility power? Somebody forgot to announce the high hype alert warning today.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


2 responses to “Monday data center tidbits.

  1. Vern, I think it is time to form an anti-greenwash consortium that exposes these lying toe-rags for what they are – what about a 2009 Greenwash award?


  2. You know, I’m not sure who to give the award to. Did this start as overstated PR? Or was it “news” sites looking for a hook? Short and sweet, it’s not possible to power a 24x7x365 facility from nothing but wind, period.

    Heaven knows, I’m one for turning a catchy title, but this stretches into the realm of being untrue. And of course it’s the hot Twitter topic .


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