Wednesday data center tidbits .

First up today is about a data center in Phoenix covering its roof with solar panels. I love to see these solutions that give two benefits. Not only do you get the power but you also get the shading of the roof by the panels. A large flat roof is one of the worst offenders for absorbing heat. Shade the roof, reduce the heat infiltration, reduce the cooling need of the data center.

Second up is an article about optimizing servers for performance per watt. I agree that a rdiculously unbalanced server (CPU, memory, storage performance) will result in a seriously underperforming server for the amount of power consumed. I do disagree that the primary reason for idle CPUs in the data center is this imbalance. The primary reason for underutilized CPUs are dedicated servers running work loads of only 5-10%. The answer to that of course is virtualization.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


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