The virtual data center, is your cloud in tune?

Tonight I’ve been reading about network management and the data center cloud . Getting good performance in the cloud is a combination of a lot of factors so we have to get rid of the walled gardens.

Performance of cloud based applications and cloud powered virtual machines, particularly virtual desktops, is a tough thing to get right. Since this is being sold as a replacement for local PC based services, that’s the standard things are going to be compared to.

Try as we might, I don’t think data center cloud based services will ever completely match the responsiveness of a local PC. Because of the additive effect of all the pieces involved in cloud distribution of services and the direct end user intercation with the service, relatively small things can make a large impact to the end user experience.

I’ve just spent the day myself tuning the NFS storage area network that back ends our new Aurora Resilient Cloud Service. Minor tuning changes and network optimization can make an amazingly noticeable difference in the end result. Things are even worse, since the data center systems that support the cloud operate at much higher utilization. The very things that make the cloud green also make it more of a challenge to make work smoothly.

Since these things all tie together so tightly, it’s counter-productive to try to separate network from servers. It doesn’t matter if these things are tuned to a T by themselves, if they aren’t tuned as a unit, the results are going to be suboptimal. Since we’re already at a disadvantage compared to the local PC, we can’t afford to give anything up.

It’s time for the rise of the cloud engineer!

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

cloud computing services


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