Monday data center tidbits.

I was reading today about Visa’s new 370K sq ft data center. The same thing struck me about this as the NSA’s new huge data center, only 140K sq ft of the 370K is used for actual raised floor equipment space (only 100K sq ft for the NSA out of 1M). Is it REALLY a great idea to have 50% to 90% of your data center doing something else other than housing productive servers?

Most misused “green” data center term I’ve seen recently: “eco mode” for UPS systems. “Eco mode” is simply the old off line mode where the equipment is powered directly from the commercial AC unless a failure occurs, then requiring the unit to switch to inverter and battery. My question is, if they’re running the equipment without using the AC-DC-AC conversion, why is the UPS still wasting 2-3% of the power? Hmmmmmm.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

green data center DC power services


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