Data center vendor bozo of the week …

And the winner is Microsoft!

I spent much of the day yesterday working with a colleague to replace an ancient customer owned server running Windows Server 2000 on consumer grade hardware with a nice new machine running Windows Server 2003 R2 on top notch server grade hardware. While I am primarily a FreeBSD and Linux guru, this was far from the first Windows Server machine for both of us.

After cruising easily through the setup wizards, we were left with a strange problem. The server could see the router, surf the net, and accept incoming connections from outside of its own subnet, but it would refuse traffic from any machine in it’s own subnet. Even stranger, it would respond to pings from other machines on the same subnet while it was booting, but at some point in the boot process, it would stop responding.

After much unpleasant language and threats of electronic mayhem, we discovered the answer. Apparently because this server had 2 Ethernet NICs, the all knowing setup wizards decided to activate NAT to bridge between them. No option was ever given to do this during the setup, someone just thought it would a good idea to set it and then bury the setting to the point that it took mining gear to dig it out.

For this spectacular display of bozosity in not asking if we wanted this capability turned on or not, we award Microsoft the coveted multi-colored wig and red squeaky nose of shame.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


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