Monday data center tidbits …

Since giving my thoughts on the container data center on 11/01, I was interested to see these Microsoft container data center pictures today. The interesting thing to me is that the second floor of the facility is all traditional rackmount servers in cabinets on raised floor and that only 2/3 of the servers in the facility will be containerized. Kind of puts a crimp in the idea that anyone who runs anything except container is hopelessly old fashioned (I don’t suspect Microsoft would do the raised floor area if there wasn’t a darned good reason).

Next up is running biodiesel in your backup generator. Not the best idea to risk your reliability by doing this without extensive testing to characterize the behavior of the fuel under all environmental conditions, as well as the potential it might eat your generator.

Last on the list is reading about considerations for deploying SSD disks. At 10X the price of traditional hard drives, it’s not that hard to work these into a server refresh schedule and see a reasonable ROI for them. This is a sharp contrast to the 320GB $7000 PCIe units that I wrote about some time back, which have zero chance of showing a payback before the server is ready for refresh.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom


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