The green data center, it’s not a thing …

Today’s comment comes from reading about green IT maturity test. I believe this and other articles that talk about green as something for separate projects and budgets miss the point.

“Green” isn’t something that stands alone by itself (unless that’s what you’re painting your data center walls), it’s an engineering philosophy that’s applied to other things that ARE things in the data center. This is why I think many organizations are having trouble getting these things past the bean counters.

You don’t have a green project for replacing servers, you have a server refresh project that incorporates green engineering techniques. You don’t have a green cooling project, you have a cooling project that incorporates green techniques. It’s easy to get caught up in the green hype rush and start tagging every project or process as green. The fact is, “green” simply isn’t quantifiable as a standalone item and that’s why nobody will budget for “green”.

In this case, less is definitely more. Stop overusing and misusing the term and you’ll find out that people are far more comfortable buying into it.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom
data center facility engineering

Linux virtual workstations, virtual desktops, VDI


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