The electrical gremlin bites another data center ..

This time we have Fibercloud, down with an “internal electrical problem”. Where have all the competent data center power people gone?

The story reports that the data center went down for an hour due to an “internal electrical problem”. Worse, the flop happened during what I would suspect was a peak usage time of day, wiping out Internet and phone service to city and county governments, including what sounds like a possible public health emergency, disrupting service for people to schedule flu shot appointments after a local death from H1N1.

This is pretty much a perfect nightmare of consequences. It’s bad enough to impact business or financial things, impacting any sort of government entity is worse. About the top of the heap for bad is impacting a public health crisis. Whoever said there’s no bad publicity hasn’t seen this one. The pathetic part of the equation is that the data center operator promotes themselves as being a provider for mission critical Internet operations.

Like it or not, Ma Bell established the expectations of reliability of telephone service and anything else that even looks like telephone service is going to be judged to that standard. When voice providers blow it, they blow it bad.

The sad part about this is, power problems are NOT that hard to head off before they produce catastrophic results. There isn’t any detail yet on what “internal electrical problem” exactly is, but we’ve seen failing antiquated infrastructure, generator failure during an ill advised and risky maintenance, transformer explosions due to screwed up work, transformer explosions just because, and the list goes on.

Are there no competent power people left out there?

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

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