And the data center bozo of the week is….

(cue the drum roll and the gorgeous blonde in the slinky dress to hand me the envelope) Yes, it’s the biggest mouth in infotainment, the financial industry equivalent of Daffy Duck, Jim Cramer! I’d have used the village idiot quip but I got beat to it by the guys at Data Center Knowledge.

In an overly simplistic analysis (and probably a reading of goat entrails), Cramer has concluded that since servers based on Intel’s Nehalem CPU can replace 8 older servers, data centers everywhere are going to end up with tons of empty space and the whole industry will collapse. I can only conclude he has a secret deal to shill for Intel.

First of all, the 8 older servers replaced sounds like something read off a marketing brochure, sort of like 4 out of 5 dentists recommend. I don’t think I’d try replacing 8 of my servers with one Nehalem based server. Of course, it probably sounds good to people who don’t know anything about tech.

Of course, this also that every bump in server technology has only increased the demand for more servers and hence, more data center space. Recent reports are that data center demand is growing 3x the rate of supply. The only data centers I’m aware of anywhere with tons of empty floor space to burn are the older facilities that just ran out of power capacity, leaving them with floor space and no more power.

I’m sure all the big boys that have been building data center space in leaps and bounds are going to be so disappointed that Intel’s wonder chip is going to make these huge facilities all obsolete overnight.

Jim, in recognition of this award, we are pleased to present you with a multi-colored wig and a squeaky red nose. Wear them with pride!

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

data center, web hosting, Internet engineering


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