Top 10 ways to make sure your servers make it to the data center …

Top 10 ways to make sure that your equipment survives its trip to the data center!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and ship your equipment to a data center install for you. These tips will make sure everything arrives intact!

1. Whenever possible, use modern hard drives spec’d for high shock loads.

Far and away, most damage that occurrs to customer equipment in transit is mechanical shock to hard drives, usually from being dropped or tossed around.

2. Equip your package with a shock indicator.

Shock indicators are inexpensive devices available from many shipping supply companies that provide a permanent indication that the package has been dropped, thrown, or otherwise abused in transit. An indispensable aid for claiming insurance for damaged shipments!
3. Leave plenty of room in the box around your equipment.

Leaving room greatly decreases the odds that your equipment will be damaged by crushing of the package or impact from outside the package.

4. Use double-walled boxes.

Double-walled boxes are much stronger and more impact resistant.

5. Use anti-static packing material.

Many standard packing materials generate large amounts of static electricity that can damage your equipment. As a rule of thumb, anti-static materials are pink in color.

6. Avoid using loose packing peanuts.

Loose packing peanuts will allow your equipment to settle through them, eliminating the buffer zone between your equipment and the outside of the box.

7. Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap!!!!!!

Remember to wrap all accessories and cables included in the

8. Double tape all seams!

Great packing material does no good if your equipment ends up
on the ground because the bottom tape of the box gives way!

9. Ship equipment assembled in its case rather than sending
individual components wherever possible.

10. Make sure sensitive equipment is marked “sensitive”, “fragile”, “handle with care”, “do not bend”, etc.

Warning the shipper of handling requirements for your equipment
is the easiest way to increase your odds of it reaching it’s destination intact! For best results, use preprinted warning stickers in bright, eye catching color patterns.

Double check these things before your server goes out the door and you and your data center will have a super smooth installation!

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

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