Spectacular data center flameout, T-mobile, Sidekick, Danger, Microsoft

Talk about your phenomenal data center disasters. All T-mobile Sidekick data lost and it has Microsoft’s name written all over it.

All of this big hype for super advanced stuff like “cloud computing” and the $500 million aquisition of the largest software company in the world commits the most rookie mistake possible and fails to back up critical customer data. So now the cleanup of the mess is costing T-mobile and people are dumping a formerly popular gadget like it was toxic waste.

So, where does that leave “Danger” (ironic name) now? And does anyone else think they should have spent a teeny bit of that $500 mil on a second server?

Brand names get damaged from time to time but I don’t believe I ever saw one so thoroughly trashed in such a short time.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

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One response to “Spectacular data center flameout, T-mobile, Sidekick, Danger, Microsoft

  1. Sounds like a management decision to “test” how well we can handle the situation.

    Do you really think that someone forgot to have multiple back-ups? It was an error?

    How about intentional, managed, testing? Check this: 50 million customers all walking in circles because their contacts are gone. America is waiting.

    This past monday, a friend complained that his iphone lost all phone numbers after a software update..

    I had not lost any contact info on my Sidekick LX until October 19, 2009. Days after the supposed disaster!!!!!

    WTF! Now T-Mobile provides a special recovery download page, but this data is months old!

    T-Mobile does not allow you to see any recent call history on their website. So calls made last week or even yesterday are not possible to attain, until nex month.

    Gazillion dollar companies spending a few bucks on a few e-machines might be too much to ask for eh?

    I think not. Seems orchestrated, contrived, pre-planned, ordained by team management.

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