Greening the data center: The Mouse is a slob

Tonight I was reading about Disney and Verizon green the data center. I didn’t realize the bar was this low to climb on the green data center wagon.

The gist of the Disney part of the story is little more than basic cleanup, literally. Removing “obstructions” (I presume they’re talking about airflow obstructions), sealing air leakage on the raised floor (how bad does a raised floor have to be to leak that badly?), replacing missing filler panels, adding variable speed fans to legacy cooling equipment and raising the thermostat. Not that any of this is a bad idea mind you, but does this REALLY qualify as “green”?

By all means, fix the raised floor, don’t leave empty holes in the racks, don’t cool more than you need to, it should all need to go without saying. I’m sure controlling fan speed in the legacy cooling equipment saves some, but it’s still legacy cooling equipment.

It’s nice that the Mouse cleaned up his act but he’s got a ways to go before declaring green-ness.

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom

data center, web hosting, Internet engineering


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