Greening The Data Center: DC power economics

Tonight I’ve been reading Data center construction costs are lower. In this post, I’ll address how this effects green data center techniques.

In previous posts, I’ve addressed DC power as one of the most important parts of greening the data center. One of the arguments against DC in the data center is the cost of the copper conductors involved.

In order to reduce voltage drop, DC power engineers may use larger gauge conductors (a more economical alternative is to keep the DC power plant as close as possible to the equipment). In addition to the power cables as short as possible (saving on copper as well as reducing loss), as the other article notes, the price of copper cable has dropped drastically, making this far less of an economic issue.

The other thing noted is that the cost of forced cooling systems has not dropped. So, along with the operational savings of using green cooling techniques, such as free air cooling, there is still large economies to be had just from avoiding the capital expenditure for the traditional data center cooling systems.

Who’s says it’s expensive to go green?

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom
Data center, web hosting, Internet engineering


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