A data center DC power number you can really sink your teeth into…

Tonight I’ve been reading the post It Costs Money to Be Cool!”. This post breaks down the costs of cooling a data center. The interesting number here for me is that 13% of the cooling cost is for the UPS (presuming a classic AC powered data center with a standard AC-DC-AC UPS).

From my previous articles, we know that implementing a DC powered data center gains about 20% in power efficiency. Presuming that the cooling load generated by the UPS is evenly split between the AC-DC and DC-AC conversions and that we eliminate the DC-AC conversion with the DC power plant, we’re not only gaining 20% in power efficiency with DC power, we’re reducing cooling load 6-7% in the process!

Could there REALLY be a reason NOT to do this?

Vern, SwiftWater Telecom
Data Center-Web Hosting-Internet Engineering


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