Finally, bandwidth sanity in the data center?

Ok, well, maybe. Today’s commentary comes from this article about 1and1 finally dumping transfer measured bandwidth pricing.

I’ve always thought that transfer measured bandwidth pricing was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Nobody charges for connectivity based on how much data is transfered (except cell providers but I’ll save that for another post). What makes it worse it that the data center’s don’t buy bandwidth that way either.

So the industry has been saddled with an artificial metric for selling bandwidth that has no relationship to the way bandwidth is purchased, requires extra effort to measure, and extra effort to bill. On top of that, try to explain it to a less than technically astute customer, not to mention dealing with irate customers getting massive overage bills.

For the record, we’ve always sold bandwidth based on bandwidth available to the customer, exactly the way we and everyone else purchase it. It’s simple to understand, no measurement required, predictable, and happy customers with no nasty overage surprises.

It’s way past time to dump the bad idea that is transfer measured bandwidth.

Vern, Swift Water Telecom
Data center, telecom, engineering services


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